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This piece, title Praxis, is meant to convey a sense of innocence. The colors stem from one corner of the image, initially dark in hue, but slowly fade out into pastels, and eventually white. As your eyes scan the piece, the squares seem to almost move and warp, even though it is a still image.Continue reading “Praxis”

Memories of Sea Foam

Memories of Sea Foam///Computational Media///1500 x 600 Pixels This piece started as an experiment in color and gradually evolved into a living, breathing stand alone project. I wanted the colors to be related to each other while also having their own distinct place on the sketch. The rocks act as a sort of grounding point,Continue reading “Memories of Sea Foam”


The creeks of the radiator we are sitting on that doesn’t work anymore people walking into other rooms, laughing, chatting  the sound of footsteps upstairs the snapping of rain outside  scratching pens  a cricket in the void  someone clawing at their head Jesus looking down at us like a disappointed mother cars passing on theContinue reading “Pulse”


Hello! I’m Emily. I’m a college undergrad based out of New York. My writing tends to lean towards the absurd, sublime, and downright weird at times. But I hope you have fun nonetheless!

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